11 Staycation Ideas for This Summer

11 Staycation Ideas for This Summer

A vacation to a far-off destination isn’t always possible. You may be on a tighter budget or your schedule may not always allow longer breaks. This is where a staycation swoops in to save the day!

Spending a lot of money does not always translate to having the best time. Buckle up for a journey through 11 staycation ideas that will make this summer one to remember.


  1. Backyard Yoga

Transform your backyard into a zen zone. Set up a cozy hammock, lay out some mats for outdoor yoga, and let your senses soak in the serenity. Perfect for lazy afternoons and sun salutations alike.

  1. Culinary World Tour

Embark on a culinary journey without leaving your kitchen. Each day, pick a different country's cuisine to explore. Whip up some mouthwatering dishes, set the mood, and you've got yourself a passport-free delicious escapade.

  1. DIY Spa Retreat

Who needs an expensive resort when you can have a spa day at home?

Light some scented candles, play soothing tunes, and pamper yourself silly. Face masks, bubble baths, and chilled cucumbers – go all out!

  1. Movie Marathon

Create your very own home theatre with a projector, comfy cushions, and a generous bowl of popcorn. Whether it's an 80s throwback or the latest blockbusters, a movie marathon is the best way to unwind.

  1. Fitness Routines

This one is for all the health enthusiasts out there. 

Seize this opportunity to elevate your heart rate and mood with a staycation fitness routine. Try new home workouts, set personal fitness goals, and emerge from your staycation with a healthier body and a clearer mind.

  1. Artsy Staycation

Unleash your inner Picasso with an arts and crafts day. Paint, sculpt, craft – let your creativity run wild. It would be a good idea to make décor items that can later become a permanent addition to your mantel.

  1. Camp-In

Pitch a makeshift tent indoors, complete with sleeping bags and ghost stories. Snuggle up for a night of indoor stargazing and marshmallow roasting in the oven to complete this faux camping adventure!

  1. Reading Streak

There is nothing better than setting up a date with your favorite book. 

This staycation idea asks you to dive into that stack of books you've been meaning to conquer. Set up a reading nook, grab your favorite titles, and let the words transport you to distant lands.

  1. Green Thumb Quest

Do you have a green thumb? Embrace it by diving into gardening. Plant flowers, and herbs, or even start a mini vegetable garden. Watching your efforts bloom and grow is incredibly rewarding.

  1. Backyard BBQ

Fire up the grill and invite your taste buds to a backyard BBQ party. Experiment with marinades and grill techniques. Don’t forget to invite a close-knit group to savor your scrumptious creations.

  1. Retro Game-a-thon

Dust off the old board games and video game consoles. Challenge your family or housemates to a day of friendly competition. From Monopoly to Mario Kart, let the games begin!


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So, there you have it – 11 staycation ideas for summer to experience a blend of excitement, relaxation, and a dash of adventure. Get ready to turn your home sweet home into the staycation destination of your dreams.

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