10 Ways to Embrace the Holiday Spirit

10 Ways to Embrace the Holiday Spirit

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock…the holiday spirit!

It's that enchanting time of the year when joy floats in the air and merriment courses through our veins. Have you charted out your plans for this marvelous holiday season? If not, we've got a sleigh-full of festive ideas up our sleeves to infuse you with the holiday spirit!

Here's ArtWearUSA's exclusive list of things to do as you gear up for the most wonderful time of the year.

  1. Decorate Christmas Cookies

Kickstart the holiday spirit by gathering your loved ones for a delightful experience of decorating cookies. Break out the icing, sprinkles, and festive shapes, and let your creativity shine. The best part? You get to eat your delicious creations afterward!

  1. Have a Holiday-Themed Game Night

game nightTransform your living room into a winter wonderland and bring out board games with a festive twist. Whether it’s Christmas Monopoly, Holiday Charades, or a Santa-themed Pictionary, a night of friendly competition is sure to get everyone into the festive spirit. Bonus points if you have a cozy blanket and some ArtWearUSA apparel to stay warm and stylish.

  1. Go Tobogganing

Take advantage of the winter weather by heading to the nearest hill for some tobogganing fun. Feel the rush of the chilly wind as you slide down the snow-covered slopes, creating memories that will warm your heart.

  1. Visit Local Christmas Markets

Explore the enchanting world of local Christmas markets. Most of these local markets are filled with holiday delights like handmade crafts and festive treats. Support local artisans and find unique gifts for your loved ones.

  1. Binge-watch Holiday Movies

Can't get enough of holiday movies? Set a day aside to binge-watch your favorites. From heartwarming classics like When Harry Met Sally to hilarious comedies like Elf, let the holiday magic unfold on your screen.

  1. Build a Snowman

Let out your inner child and venture into the snow to build a snowman. Get creative with accessories – think scarves, hats, and maybe even an ArtWearUSA tee for a touch of personal style.

  1. Sing Along to Carols

Bring out your musical talents or simply play your favorite holiday tunes. Whether it's on the piano, guitar, or even a festive playlist, let the melodies of the season fill your home with joy.

  1. Play Secret Santa with Friends

Spread the joy of giving by organizing a Secret Santa exchange with your friends. It's a delightful way to surprise each other with thoughtful gifts and share the holiday spirit.

  1. Host an Ugly Sweater Party

Wearing ugly Christmas sweaters is a rite of passage. So, why not turn a fashion faux pas into a festive celebration by hosting an ugly sweater party? Encourage your friends to don their quirkiest holiday sweaters, and let the laughter and merriment ensue.

  1. ArtWearUSA Gift Shopping

Get a head start on your Christmas shopping while treating yourself to some fantastic finds from ArtWearUSA. Explore a range of stylish and comfortable tees that make for perfect gifts or cozy additions to your holiday wardrobe.

With these ten delightful ways to embrace the holiday spirit, you're sure to create lasting memories and spread joy to those around you. So, grab your favorite ArtWearUSA apparel, gather your loved ones, and let the festive celebrations begin!

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